Bunny in her shop in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Bunny in her shop in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

After a decade of working in NYC's fashion industry, Bunny Shapiro traded in her East Village apartment and executive Meatpacking status for a chiller life at the beach.  

 In November 2015, Bunny moved to Puerto Vallarta Mexico to teach English, but she stumbled upon a bead supplier, and started making bracelets instead.  Friends and family started buying up Bunny’s collection and suddenly her namesake brand was born.  Overnight, Bunny Shapiro became a one of a kind online shop of kaleidoscopic beaded jewelry, all handmade in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. 

Thanks to the success of her online business, Bunny opened her first brick and mortar boutique in downtown Puerto Vallarta in July 2016, and by October of that year her work was featured in Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines.  Now, people from all over the world flock to Bunny's hot pink boutique to adorn themselves in artisan jewelry and lifestyle treasures.  

When asked about the inspiration for her line, Bunny will tell you it has everything to do with "color, freedom, and not giving a f # $ K".  "I don't design anything with a particular market or style in mind.  I make whatever feels fun with lots of love and care, and more than anything, I think people are responding to that sentiment."

Bunny is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and the University of Western Ontario Canada